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Human Centipede: The Game Human Centipede: The Game

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nice :)

Review 4/5, 8/10:
As grotesque this game concept might be, I've decided to ignore the fact that people shown in it are linked by their anuses :), anyway the fact is, the game was made using the original Centipede/Milipede concept, and it works rather well using a mouse as an avatar. Cool retro design and bleeps also help, but the game as a whole doesn't bring much new to the table, at least what I've noticed during my short play session, but the game was made to serve just for that purpose, and maybe to shock some people, to get more attention, and it managed to fulfill in all categories.

I watched a video referencing on a original centipede game a few days back, even though I knew about the game, It caught my attention because it was designed by a woman, and I didn't know that... I find this game out of nowhere...I guess people think of similar things during some periods of life, or something like that ( QUOTE: deusprogrammer ; I was just talking to my coworker about an idea like this the other day, and now I check Newgrounds, and here it is staring me in the face. GOD DAMN IT! ) This happens all the time during our lives, but we do not always notice it :)

Colorotator Colorotator

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Fun stuff, but needs improvement...

Gave you a 4/5 and 7/10


- Controls
- Gameplay
- Nice friend/worldwide scoring system
- An old idea with a twist


- The music got stuck in my head for all the wrong reasons (too short)
- Frame rate gets horrible, or at least add "turn of blur" option (even low quality didn't help)
- Try to make the balls go underneath the white lines, not over them and beyond...make a smoother transition (looks buggy)
- The title screen could use a little work (use that looping song there, but for the rest of the game try something different, if you want you can use some of my music, I'd be honored :)

I gave you all of this criticism because I liked the game, It's simple, a bit intuitive and most importantly fun to play, perfect for short bursts, and the scoring system keeps the competition going...please consider for a bit of improvement, this game deserves it.

aad-baard responds:

Thanks for this great review, will definately work on those points. By clicking FX on the right top you can disable the effects which will make it run a lot smoother.

Rythm Tetris Rythm Tetris

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

People.., please stop bi***ing about the controls

Good design, solid music, but no sound ? Hmm...the controls work just fine, but many people don't realize the fact that it's a beat game, you have to tap the arrows in beat or the controls won't respond. The author of this game mentioned it in the help section but I wish he had also done that in the loading screen, maybe more people would notice it. Overall it's a solid idea that needs a bit polishing (some bricks are almost the same color as the background, there is no on screen indication that you're doing something wrong and I wish the author added sound for brick movement / impact) Anyway, I hope this short review stops the "awful controls" avalanche ;)

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